Mission Statement

To worship together in Swahili and uplift Swahili Speakers spiritually, emotionally and socially.


People: Be a great sanctuary where people are inspired and uplifted to go above and beyond their potential.
Children: Nurture a winning generation of individuals.
Community: Bring to the community quality services that satisfy people’s spiritual, emotional and social needs.
Planet: Be a responsible organization that makes a difference by helping build and support communities and humanity.
Service: Be a service-oriented organization that inspires, uplifts and supports the well-being of humanity.


Integrity, Leadership, Wisdom, Character, Imagination, Creativity, Action and Service.

The Rationality and Purpose

The rationality and purpose for the Swahili Service (Ibada ya Kiswahili) is to worship together in Swahili and uplift Swahili Speakers spiritually, emotionally and socially.

The Objectives

The Objectives for the Ibada ya Kiswahili are:

  1. Spreading the word of God in Swahili.
  2. Reaching out to all Swahili speakers in Ohio.
  3. Spreading the Gospel to children.
  4. Mentoring and guiding children through the spiritual faith that we grew up with.
  5. Increasing the church mass services to at least twice a month.
  6. Providing an opportunity for Swahili speakers to praise and worship God in Swahili language and give them the sense of belonging.

The Strategies

The strategies that Ibada ya Kiswahili uses are:

  1. Reach out to Swahili speakers through
    • Sunday mass
    • Overnight prayer, worship and fellowship sessions
    • Prayer line
    • http://www.iykcolumbus.org website
    • Facebook and other social media
    • Emails
    • Text messaging
  2. Arrange and host seminars and conferences
  3. Attend nation-wide seminars
  4. Arrange and host Gospel concerts
  5. Participate in various activities with other Lutheran churches as well as other African congregations.
  6. Uplifting the community in times of need such as during:
    • difficult times e.g. loss of life/lives, sorrow and sickness, etc.
    • celebratory times e.g. Weddings, baptisms and memorial service(s), etc.
  7. Bringing together Swahili Speakers and sharing of the Swahili culture.

The Evaluation

The criteria that Ibada ya Kiswahili uses to evaluate itself are:

  1. Attendance in Sunday mass services, overnight fellowship and prayer line.
  2. People participation in social and cultural events
  3. Community services
  4. Adding a number of cultural events
  5. Responses from social media posts